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Demography of Sri Lanka


Sri lanka has a population of 20 million of whom the majority is sinhalese (74%). other ethnic groups are made up of sri lankan tamils (12.6%), indian tamils (5.5%), moors,malays, burghers (of portuguese and dutch descent) and others (7.9%). sri lanka is a multi–religious country; buddhists constitute the majority (69%). other religious groups include hindus (15%), christians (8%) and muslims (8%). sri lanka's literacy rate of 92.3% is one of the highest in asia.

Geography & Climate of Sri Lanka


Sri lanka, an island in the indian ocean, is separated from india by the palk strait, 48km wide stretch of water.the total land area is 65,525 km with internal waters being 1,570 km most of the island is low-lying yet astonishingly varied. a length of 435km and breadth of 240km encompass beautiful tropical beaches, verdant vegetation, ancient monuments and a thousand delights to please all tastes

National Flower of Sri Lanka


The nil manel (nymphaea stellata) blue water lily was chosen as the national flower of sri lanka in february 1986. the blue water lily of exquisite beauty is a common sight throughout the island. growing in shallow fresh waters with no season for blooming, the blue water lily thrives wherever lakes, ponds or marsh land is found.

National Flag of Sri Lanka


The flag of sri lanka, also called the lion flag, consists of a gold lion, holding a kastane sword in its right fore paw, in front of a dark red background with four golden bo leaves, one in each corner. around the background is a yellow border, and to its left are 2 vertical stripes of equal size in green and saffron, with the saffron stripe closest to the lion. the lion represents the sinhalese ethnicity and the bravery of the sri lankan nation while the four bo leaves represent mettā, karuna, mudita and upekkha. the orange stripe represents the sri lankan tamils, the green stripe represents sri lankan moors, and the maroon background represents the majority of sinhalese, like the lion, this is the color used in early flags of sri lanka by kings.[citation needed]

Buddhist Flag


The buddhist flag is a flag designed in the late 19th century to symbolise and universally represent buddhism. it is used by buddhists throughout the world. the flag was originally designed in 1885 by the colombo committee, in colombo, sri lanka.

Kingdom of Kandy


According to folklore the name senkadagala originated from a brahmin called senkadagala who lived in the area or from a queen (called senkada) of king wickramabahu or from a coloured stone called senkada gala.

Kingdom of Kotte


Sri lanka remained in a instable situation during the 14th & the 15th centauries. king parakramabahu vi (1415-1467), the last sinhalese king managed to reestablish rule over the island. his power base was in kotte.

Kingdom of Anuradhapura


The city of anuradhapura is situated 220 kms away from colombo in the north central province of sri lanka on malwathu oya. founded in the 6th century bc, it was the capital of the sri lanka from 4th century bc to beginning of 11th century ad.

Kingdom of Yapahuwa


Strong, dry breezes ruffle the quiet serenity of the temperate country side. wild grass thrust through pleasantly undulating ground while a lone lizard revels in brilliant sunshine, poised on one of many ancient stone ruins.

Kingdom of Panduwasnuwara


Panduwasnuwara is an ancient city in the kurunegala area which functioned as the capital of sri lanka for a very brief period.

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