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Sloth Bear Season in Yala and Wasgomuva

Yala. []


2013 jun 01 - 2013 jul 31 location: yala and wasgomuwa

Kitesurfing in Kalpitiya on the North West Coast

Kalpitiya. []


Kitesurf over the turquoise seas that surrounds this paradise island or skim the waters of a tranquil lagoon. sri lanka has excellent kite surfing spots for beginners as well as the more experienced. the best season for kitesurfing on the north west coast is from may to december.

Christmas Day

Negombo. []


Christmas day observed generally on december 25th to commemorate the birth of jesus, all the christians in the world celebrate this event enchantingly with the pride of eternity of jesus teaching.

National Bird Month

Yala. []


The month of december has declared as national bird month of the year as there are varieties of birds fly towards tropical countries to feel the warmth and sunny. there are variety of birds flock to jungle areas in sri lanka providing imaginative view to tourists displaying essence and beauty of wild life in sri lanka.

Adam’s Peak (Sri Pada Pilgrimage Season)


In the month of december commencing for the three-month pilgrimage season to sri pada (the footprint of buddha) or adam's peak (the footprint of adam – the first man in the koran and bible). pilgrims normally climb overnight, starting in the early hours at about 1 is, and watch the sunrise from the summit.

Spice Festival Annually


The event exhibit the culinary expertise from around the world attracting more than 10,000 attracting more than 10,000 visitors to the capital of colombo annually to taste the flavor of the world.

Hadji Festival Day


Id ul adha or hadji festival (the festival of sacrifice) is a public and bank holiday in sri lanka. muslims all over the world celebrate this signifying honour to the prophet abraham willingness to sacrifice his son as a proof of his loyalty to god.

Deepavali Festival Day


Deepavali is usually celebrated in october or november, and is one of the most popular and eagerly awaited festivals by tamil community. there is a legend associated with this festival commemorating the return of rama from exile and the triumph of light over darkness; good over evil.

Art Biennale

Colombo 3 (Kollupitiya). []


Colombo art biennale is dazzling with modern art on september. the intention is to bring artists together to work in pursuit of harmony giving a great opportunity for art lovers all over the world to gather into the colombo.

Ramazan Festival Day


Ramadan, also known as 'rorda mas' and eid festival, is one of the most important feasts for muslim people. it has a lot of religious reverence which falls on the month of fasting, in which the muslims observe 30 days of fasting and ends up on the ramadan day.

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