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Registration of a Birth Occurred at a Foreign Country

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Organisation: Department of Registrar General's

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  1. births of children born to sri lankan parents in foreign countries can be registered.
  2. birth should be registered at the ambassador/ high commission of sri lanka in the country where birth occurred.
  3. appropriate persons for informing a birth for registration,
    1. father
    2. mother
    3. guardian
  4. declaration to inform the birth can obtained from the ambassador's / commissioner's office of sri lanka.
  5. documents to be submitted
    1. duly perfected declaration
    2. relevant documents in proof of the birth
  6. a birth can registered free of charge within a period of 03 months.
  7. a copy of the birth certificate is issued to the informant free of charge.
  8. births of persons occurred in a foreign country and not registered there and presently have arrived in sri lanka can be registered.
    • further information on this regard can be obtained from the assistant registrar general of the central record room of the registrar general's department. telephone: +94 112329773 or +94 112433075

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