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Register for School Examinations (GCE Ordinary Level (O/L) and Advanced Level (A/L)) as Private Candidates

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step 1: applicant obtains a sample application form (o/l form, a/l form) from the local newspaper.


step 2: based on the sample application, applicant prepares and fills application form.


step 3: applicant goes to the post office and makes payments.


step 4: applicant attaches the receipt to the application


step 5: application is then posted to the department of examinations and the applicant retains a copy of the receipt for himself.


note: the application must be posted to the address indicated in the newspaper advertisement.


step 6: the department of examinations receives and processes the applications and prepares the admission card.


step 7: department of examinations notifies of release of admission card via newspapers.


step 8: applicant receives admission card.


note: identity (national identity card) of the candidate should be certified by any one of the following


    head or retired head of a state school or an approved school.

    the grama sevaka niladhari of the division.

    justice of the peace.

    commissioner of oaths.

    attorney-at-law or a notary public.

    commissioned officer of the armed forces.

    state or local govt. officer drawing an annual salary of rs. 124,080.00 or more.

    a nayaka thero or a chief incumbent of buddhist vihara.

    chief incumbent of a place of worship of any other religion or any religious dignitary       of high repute.



if the application is not filled according to the requirements of the department of examinations or if the receipt is not attached to

the letter the applicant will be disqualified.


a/l candidates sitting for the first time must register at the provincial education department which allocates schools by the

provincial director of education to carry out their activities.


organization information

department of examinations


p.o. box 1503,



mr. w.m.n.j. pushpakumara

telephones:+94-11-2786200, +94-11-2784201, +94-11-2785202, +94-11-2784203, +94-11-2784204, +94-11-2786205, +94-11-2786206, +94-11-2787207

fax nos:+94-11-2785220


website: www.exams.gov.lk