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Sri Lanka Tea Board

Payment for green leaf suppliers

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Organisation: Sri Lanka Tea Board

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inspecting the payments of reasonable price for green leaf suppliers and involving to reimburse arrears for them

if there is any situation the payments to be made for leaf suppliers are neglected by the factory or the leaf dealer, sri lanka tea board will involve to get reimbursed the relevant amount of money to the supplier. further the payments by the above parties must be made before 20th of the coming month.

required documents - if there is any payment of arrears to be made, the leaf supplier must forward a written request along with a photocopy of the leaf book where the quantities and the time period are recorded to the relavanat assistant tea commissioner's office of the sri lanka tea board to which the dealer or the factory belongs. having confirmed the leaf supplier’s claim, the relevant party (factory or leaf dealer) will be informed to pay the areas by the sri lanka tea board. if the factory or the leaf dealer failed to made the payment, there is a possibility to take step by sri lanka tea board to cancel the factory registration and dealer’s permit.

organization information

 sri lanka tea board

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colombo 3.

fax nos:011-2589132
website: www.pureceylontea.com