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Department of Social Services

Organization of Training Programmes

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Organisation: Department of Social Services

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  1. conducting training programmes for updating the knowledge of social service officers and social development assistants.
  2. training of vocational advisors serving in vocational training institutes under this department.
  3. training of pre school teachers of children who possess slow growing mind.
  4. conducting awareness programmes for parents of children who possess slow growing mind.
  5. conducting awareness programmes for parents of drug addicts.
  6. conducting awareness programmes for school children and teachers.
  7. conducting awareness programees for officers of various establishments.


process of submitting applications:? divisional secretariats.

places from where applications can be obtained: divisional secretariats.

charges payable for obtaining applications: not applicable.

time for submission of applications: during office hours.

charges payable for obtaining the services: not required

time taken to provide services (ordinary services and priority services): within a week.

staff officers in charge of the service

designation name division telephone fax e-mail
deputydirector mr.m.a.i. perea planning +94-112-824063 - -

exceptions or instances outside the above requirements and special information

organization information

 department of social services

department of social services
no. 150a,
l. h. p. building,
nawala road,

telephones:+94-112– 825216/+94-112-825232
fax nos:+94 112-2824056/+94 1122824063
website: www.socialservices.gov.lk