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Department of Land Commissioner General’s

Obtain of Instruments of Disposition

Housing, Property & Utilities

Organisation: Department of Land Commissioner General’s

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  • should not owning any land
  • family income of the applicant should not exceed rs: 1500.00 per month
  • should be a sri lankan citizen
  • should be over 18years of age
  • should have resided in the region were land is situated for not 07 years

method of submitting application: these is no special application form. should apply through a letter prepared by you.

places where application form could be obtained: irrelevant

payment for application: nil

time to submit application: should be submitted an a working day to the divisional secretary of the division where land is situated

fees paying to obtain this service: nil

period taken to provide the service (ordinary service and priority service): in 3 month of receipt by is our office instructions of disposition without short coming

necessary supporting documents: tracing shouting the four hundred of the land

exceptions, instances not included above and special information: nil

application form: nil

completed specimen application form: nil

organization information

 department of land commissioner general’s

mihikatha medura

no:1200/6, rajamalwatththa road,


land commissioner general
fax nos:0112864051
website: www.landcommdept.gov.lk