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Consumer Affairs Authority

Market Surveys & Market Reserch

Trade, Business & Industry

Organisation: Consumer Affairs Authority

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consumer affairs authority is entrusted to undertake studies. publish reports and provide information to the public relating to market conditions and consumer affairs. market surveys are conducted to evaluate the price, quality, cost of production, distribution and availability of good all services.


submission procedure
request should be made to the director general of the consumer affairs authority.

step 1: identify the market problem
step 2: develop survey tools & questionnaire
step 3: select field or area to survey/study
step 4: collect data & information
step 5: process data
step 7: prepare the report
step 8: forward observations and recommendations to take policy decisions

time line

process time line: na

submission time line:
working days - monday – friday
counter open hours - 8;30. to 4:15 hrs
holidays -public and mercantile holidays

validity time line:

cost related to the services
cost: cost is born by the authority

organization information

 consumer affairs authority

1st & 2nd floor,
cwe secretariet building,
no : 27,
vauxhall street,
colombo 02.

mrs. chandrika thilakarathne
telephones:+94-11-2445897 / +94-11-2393495 / +94-11-2393577 hot line +94-11-3134446-8
fax nos:+94-11-2399148 / +94-11-2321696
email:chairmancaa@sltnet.lk / dgcaa@sltnet.lk
website: www.consumeraffairs.gov.lk