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National Housing Development Authority

Maintaining Continuous Operation at Pumping Stations in Urban Housing Projects

Housing, Property & Utilities

Organisation: National Housing Development Authority

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procedure for submitting applications
a fax message can be sent to no. 2438130 to inform when pumps are not functioning.

places where applications are available
national housing development authority
colombo city office (south)
colombo city office (north)
colombo district office
application can be obtained free of charge

time for submission of application:
from 9.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m on office days
telephone nos: +94 11 2320047, +94 11 3137220, +94 777952119

out of the office hours
telephone nos : +94 11 3137220, +94 777952119, +94 37 3371668

fees payable to obtain the service: nil

duration to supply the service (normal service & prime service)

normal service - within 03 days
prime service - within 12 hours

documents required - not relevant

organization information

 national housing development authority

no. 34,
sir chittampalam a gardiner mawatha,
colombo 02.

telephones:+94-11-2431932/ +94-112-431721/ +94-112-431707/ +94-112-431722/ +94-112-421748
fax nos:011-2320058
website: www.nhda.lk