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Department of Imports & Exports Control

No. 75 1/3, 1st Floor, Hemas Building, York Street, P.O. Box - 559, Colombo 1 (Fort), Sri Lanka.


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Tel : +94-11-232-6774

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The Department of Import and Export Control established as a separate Department by the Act No. 01 of 1969 with a view to control import of goods into the country and export of goods from the country.

This Department was played a major role in the economy of the country as almost all the imports and exports were being subjected to the license requirement. There were lot of restrictions for imports and exports and therefore, the volume of work performed by the Department was very heavy before 1977.

In terms of open Economic Policy commenced in the year 1977, most of restrictions for imports and exports were liberalized. Since then, license requirement for import / export goods was removed in respect of items other than Drugs, Chemicals, Telecommunication Equipments, firearms etc. These restrictions are imposed with a view to avoid undesirable imports entry in to the country that can be caused bad impacts on public health, Environment, Economy, Security of the country.