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Department of Animal Production and Health

P.O.Box 13, Peradeniya, Sri Lanka.


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he Department of Animal Production and Health (DAPH) is the state organization which is responsible for providing technical leadership to the livestock Industry and its stakeholders in Sri Lanka. The DAPH, which  is located in Peradeniya, in the Hill Capital of Kandy, Sri Lanka is being functioned under the Ministry of Livestock and Rural Community Development.

The DAPH was established under the Ministry of Rural Industrial development in September 1978. The department was created by the then Government which came into power in 1977 realizing the importance of the livestock sector in socio economic development in Sri Lanka.

The DAPH presently operates through its five (05) technical divisions such as Animal Health, Animal Breeding, Veterinary Research, Human Resource Development, Livestock Planning and Economics and two (02) support services divisions (Administration and Finance). In addition to provision of technical expert service, the DAPH implements a range of statutes as well, pertaining to the livestock sector.

With the establishment of Provincial Councils in 1988 most of DAPH‘s field level functions were devolved to nine  (09) Provincial Departments of Animal Production and Health (PDAPH) headed by Provincial Directors. 287 divisional veterinary offices scattered throughout the country, which are functioned under PDAPH handle delivery services. Divisional Veterinary Offices managed by Veterinarians are the main functional units of the DAPH. The DAPH provides technical expertise  and  back-up services to provincial DAPH.