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Consumer Affairs Authority

Control/Eliminate Restrictive Trade Agreements Among Traders

Trade, Business & Industry

Organisation: Consumer Affairs Authority

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any interested individual trder/trader group can make a request to the authority.

submission procedure
request should be made to the director general of the consumer affairs authority.

application forms
there is no pre-designed application form. applicants are welcome to apply through letters.

step 1: complaint from trader/tradergroup on any restrictive trade agreement which is anticompetitive/ restrictive to trade.
step 2: study the complaint.
step 3: invite the particular traders/ association to obtain their views on same.
step 4: if the caa is of the opinion that such agreement affects consumers.
step 5: instruct the trader/association on the eliminative such trade practices.

the authority may reject any complaint from further investigation

  1. if there is no any harmful economic consequences
  2. if the complaint is proven to be a fraudulent

the trader / manufacturer can appeal against the authority’s decision in the court of appeal, if the trader/manufacturer is unsatisfied with the outcome.

time line
process time line:
the council will take two months time for investigate and give their recommendations.
the authority will take one month time for execute those recommendations.

submission time line:
working days - monday to friday
counter open hours - 8:15 to 4:15 hrs 
holidays - public & mercantile holidays

cost related to the services
cost: cost is borne by the authority
fee: there is no fee involved in this service
penalty: no fines involved in providing the service
surcharges: no additional costs involved in the service

organization information

 consumer affairs authority

1st & 2nd floor,
cwe secretariet building,
no : 27,
vauxhall street,
colombo 02.

mrs. chandrika thilakarathne
telephones:+94-11-2445897 / +94-11-2393495 / +94-11-2393577 hot line +94-11-3134446-8
fax nos:+94-11-2399148 / +94-11-2321696
email:chairmancaa@sltnet.lk / dgcaa@sltnet.lk
website: www.consumeraffairs.gov.lk