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Consumer Affairs Authority

Conducting Market Investigations and Raids

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Organisation: Consumer Affairs Authority

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consumer affairs authority carries out investigations based either upon its own motion or on any complaint / requests made by any consumer or organization of consumers.

individual consumer or any organization of consumers can make complaints or can provide information on erroneous trade practices.

support documents required

  • a copy of purchase receipt
  • defective products

submission procedure
whose signature should be on the complaint:the complainant should sign on the application.
where to submit the complaint:complaint should be submitted to the caa.
whom to submit the complaint:the applicant should direct the complaint to the director general.

application forms
there is no pre-designed application form. applicants are welcome to apply through letters.

step 1: applicant submits the complaint to the caa.
step 2: complaint is handed over to the consumer affairs & investigation division to initiate investigation.
step 3: division examine the authenticity of the complaint
step 4: division designs the investigation methodology and handover the task to the investigation team.
step 5: investigation team performs the investigation
step 6: the productions and the completed information sheet is handed over to the compliance & enforcement division to initiate legal proceedings.
step 7: compliance & enforcement division draft plaints and charge sheets
step 8: file the cases in the respective magistrate’s court.

note: if the case is proved, the magistrate fines the trader as per the provisions of the caa act.

time line
process time:
the process time depends on the investigation

submission time line:
working days - monday to friday
counter open hours - 8:30 a.m. to 4:15 p.m.
holidays - public holidays & mercantile holidays

validity time line:
there is no specified time

cost related to the services
cost: there isn’t any cost involved in the service provided
fee: cost is born by the authority.
penalties: no penalties
surcharges: no additional costs involved in this service

organization information

consumer affairs authority

1st & 2nd floor,
cwe secretariet building,
no : 27,
vauxhall street,
colombo 02.

mrs. chandrika thilakarathne
telephones:+94-11-2445897 / +94-11-2393495 / +94-11-2393577 hot line +94-11-3134446-8
fax nos:+94-11-2399148 / +94-11-2321696
email:chairmancaa@sltnet.lk / dgcaa@sltnet.lk
website: www.consumeraffairs.gov.lk