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Employment Information

Organisation: Department of Labour

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basic eligibility and requirements
menders of the public may obtain these services as follows:

  • those who serve under unfavorable health and environmental conditions.
  • to investigate following positions in the factory premises concerned on the request of the employer.
  1. inspection of health conditions of the premises concerned on the request of the government or any other health organization
  2. granting certificate on quality at the instance of consumers and customers.
  • in case of prevalence of conditions, unfavorable to the health of the ordinary public who live in proximity to the industry.

note: the department will not entertain complaints if the above requirements are not satisfied.

complaints not related to the abovementioned facts will not be accepted.

  • providing information which is not valid
  • when the institution is not functioning
  • when addresses are not given in the complaint.
  • when related laws are enforced according to the complaint.
  • when relies are not received to letters sent on the complaint,

methods of submission

  1. should be sent to the commissioner of labour / deputy commissioner of labour, industrial safety division.
  2. applicant may submit his complaint even by a letter (there are no specimen forms for complaints)
  3. complaints can be made in person or over the telephone.

note: no supporting document is required to obtain this service

application forms: no specimen form has been designed for the purpose

step by step procedure
step 1: to obtain this service applicant s can make their complaints or requests in writing / over the telephone to the deputy commissioner of labour, environmental assurance division.
step 2
: registration of complaint in the section concerned.
step 3: officers will take action according to the register.
step 4: officers to inspect the premises for the second time for preliminary inquiries.
step 5: inspection of the premises for the second time for future investigations.
step 6: reparation of a report embodying all the data and information obtained through inspections.
step 7: sending the report to the applicant with a copy to employees assurance division.

time taken for the service

time taken for preparation: the division conducts health quality inspections in a very wide scale and therefore time taken the service will differ from case to case.

time for submission: complaints or request can be submitted by letter as follows.

working days - from monday to friday
opening hours of counters - from 09:00 a.m to 12:00 noon, from 01:30 p.m to 05:00 p.m
holidays - applications will not be accepted on public holidays

period of validity: validity period of a complaint will be the period taken for reconciliation of the complaint and the time taken to send the report to the applicant.

expenditure on the service

application fees: no fee is charged for sending applications. no specimen forms have been designed.

charges: the service is free of charge

fines: fines will be imposed in accordance with rules and regulations or the division and the act.

surcharge: nil

supporting documents: no additional letters or documents are required

service responsibilities

designation name division address telephone fax
deputy commissioner dr. vajira environmental assurance division jawatta rd, colombo 05 +94-11-2582731 +94-11-2582731
deputy commissioner m. palipana environmental assurance division jawatta rd, colombo 05 +94-11-2582731 +94-11-2582731

special circumstances: nil

specimen data and specimen application forms: nil

organization information

department of labour

labour secretariat,
colombo 05.

mr. w. r. kularathna bandara
telephones:+94 11 2581142/3, +94 11 2581146,+94 11 2581148, +94 11 2369373
fax nos:+94 11 2581145
email:commgen@labourdept.gov.lk; cgldol@sltnet.lk
website: www.labourdept.gov.lk