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Department of Immigration & Emigration

Births Registration of Sri Lankan Children Born Outside Sri Lanka

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Organisation: Department of Immigration & Emigration

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required documents
1. perfected filled application
2. birth certificate of the child issued by the country of birth*
3. consular birth certificate issued by the registrar general department of sri lanka or a letter issued from the nearest sri lankan mission including following details;

  • name of child
  • date of birth
  • sex
  • name of father
  • nationality of father
  • maiden name of mother
  • nationality of mother
  • the country of birth

4. birth certificates of parents
5. if the applicant is a sri lankan citizen by registration, the relevant certificate
6. marriage certificate of parents
7. travel documents and visas held by parents to prove residence abroad at the time of child's birth
8. declaration that the applicant (father/mother) has not acquired citizenship of a country other than sri lanka at the time of child's birth

note: ( 2 – 7 above originals with photocopies)

citizenship division will process the application on receipt of same from the respective mission. certificate will be sent to the same mission for onward transmission to the applicant, on finalisation of the registration process.

*if the overseas original marriage certificate or birth certificate are not in english, an english translation of it certified by the nearest sri lankan mission

handing over process
duly completed application should be forwarded to the sri lanka mission in the country where the child's birth occurred with the required documents, within a period of one year from the date of birth of the child. if not, a additional levy is being charged for delay.

birth registration - fees

for an application made within the prescribed period (first year of birth) rs. 5,000.00
for a delayed application – per each year rs. 500.00

payment procedure
payments to be made at the time of tendering the application.receipt to be kept for reference.

in addition to the above mentioned procedure it is possible to hand over originals and copies of the relevant documents directly to the department of immigration and emigration, 41, ananda rjakaruna mw, clombo 10.

organization information

department of immigration & emigration

ananda rajakaruna mawatha,
colombo 10,
sri lanka.

ms. m. u. i. alahakoon
fax nos:+94-11-2674621
website: www.immigration.gov.lk