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Department of Ayurweda

Application for Permission to Use the Title of Ayurveda

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Organisation: Department of Ayurweda

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ayurvedic (treatment) services
all the ayurvedic treatment centres maintained under the title of ayurveda should be registered with the ayurveda department.

transport of ayurvedic drugs
permission is not granted for this purpose at present. whereas , the permit issued by the department of ayurveda for the manufacture of drugs is valid in this regard.

manufacture of ayurvedic drugs for sale
permission from the department of ayurveda should be obtained for the drugs manufactured for sale.

import of ayurvedic drugs
permission should be obtained from the department of ayurveda to import ayurvedic drugs or raw/dried required for the production of ayurvedic drugs.

provision of dangerous drugs
opium, cannabis, rectified spirit. (alcohol) etc required for the production of ayurvedic giugs can be obtained from the drug corporation. there should be a drug manufactory registered with the ayurvedic department for this purpose.

assistant commissioner
tel : +94-11-2746996

organization information

 department of ayurweda

old rd,

mr. k. m. c. jayathissa
telephones:+94 11 2896911, +94 11 2896912
fax nos:+94 11 2845537
website: www.ayurveda.gov.lk