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Department of Animal Production and Health

13. Providing License to manufacture / import animal feed/ingredients

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Organisation: Department of Animal Production and Health

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intension of selling animal feed (for poultry, cattle, pet animals, prawns or other animals)manufactured or imported up to the standard.

applications are available:

the registrar(animal feed),veterinary regulatory unit, department of animal production and health

fee for the application:

not charged

time of submission:

  • from 8.30 a.m to 4.15 p.m during the office hours of the weekdays.
  • can be submitted during the office hours. it would be more suitable if the document is to be submitted subsequently a discussion with a senior officer regarding its accuracy.

service charge:

rs.1000.00(for each approved item)

duration takes at providing the service:

the manufacturers already registered will be given the priority to produce extra animal feed which were approved. for that, it would take 1-7 days. at newly initiating stage of the manufactures, , it would take 1-2 months for the service ,hence the approval of the consultancy committee for the animal feed is due to be obtained subsequently they satisfied of the manufacturing place and process.

required certificates:

trade license and the necessary statements to agree with the regulations of the act

staff officers in charge of the services:




contact no.



veterinary surgeon

dr(ms).t.a.c tiskumara

veterinary regulatory affairs division



veterinary surgeon/quality assurance of animal feed


veterinary regulatory affairs division



alternatives or circumstances other than the above requirements and specific information:

alternative circumstances are not occurred hence the duties executed relate to the regulations of the act.

specimen application(attach a specimen form):


completed specimen application (attach a completed application):

this would differ pertaining to the each category of feed

organization information

 department of animal production and health

p.o.box 13,
sri lanka

telephones:+94 81 2388195
fax nos:+94 81 2388619
website: www.daph.gov.lk